What is a Webcam Model?

A Webcam model is a video performer who goes live on the internet from their own webcam attached to their laptop. This is then streamed with a live webcam broadcast to customers who pay to watch throughout the network.

What do I need to become a Webcam Model?

You will need a windows computer/laptop with a really good quality plug in camera with a HD video resolution. We find one of the best is a Logitech HD C920 camera. Fast broadband internet connection. The best quality equipment will give the best streaming of your shows and therefore attract more clients and paying guests.

Why do I need to provide Photo ID?

We require proof of your age as the minimum age to do this type of work is 18 years of age. You must provide a valid ID either a passport, Driving Licence or Government ID which shows your full name, photo, and date of birth.

When do I get paid?

We pay out once a week on a Thursday but we also pay out instantly on special request. You must provide Bank Account details of an Account that will accept International Bank transfers straight to your Account.

Do you offer support?

Yes. We will always be available to offer support and assistance during normal office hours.

Dealing with abusive clients.

If you get somebody who is being abusive or just downright rude then you have the ability to kick them out of your webcam room either for a period of time or permanently. DO NOT EVER give out personal details including your name, where you live, your e mail address or your mobile phone number.

What can I expect to earn?

YOUR EARNING POTENTIAL IS UNLIMITED. The top girls make over £50,000 per year and you can easily expect to earn over £20,000 per year. It really depends on you. How hard do you want to work? How much effort do you want to put into attracting customers to your webcam? Consistency of both shows, hours worked, customer service , personality and video quality. The more time you spend online, the more time you spend attracting customers, the more you play to the customers fantasies of you being interested in them, the quality of your interaction with EVERYBODY who comes to your webcam room. The guys chat about performers and rate them. If you get a good reputation it will soon be noted. Likewise if you get a bad reputation for lack of interest, not smiling, looking bored and not entertaining your clients it will also be noted.

Am I safe working on Empowered Models?

Yes you are entirely safe as long as you NEVER give out your personal details. You have the safety of working from your own house or apartment and do not have to actually physically meet any of your customers. As a safety precaution we strongly recommend you do not give out any personal information that can be traced back to you. We can not be held liable for any video performers who decide to send out their personal information to customers which leads to meetings or phone calls from customers. If you decide to give out your information regardless , please be aware that meetings like this may lead to physical harm if a customer is unstable.

Do I need to look like a Glamour Model?

No you do not need to look like a glamour model. Amateur models are some of the best performers and attract some of the biggest earnings simply because they look accessible to the customers. Glamour models can be off putting and seem less accessible. Remember you are selling a fantasy and all you need to do is be well presented, dress provocatively, smile a lot, engage them in conversation and make them feel like they are the most important thing in the world at that moment. You need to be confident, smiling and have a bubbly personality. You should always be well made up but not heavily made up. You should always be wearing sexy, eye catching outfits and lingerie.

What hours do I need to work?

Your days and hours that you decide to work are entirely up to you and are completely flexible to fit in with your life. However you should always try to work a routine so that customers learn that you are on at a certain time and will know when to catch you. You should also be prepared to do a minimum of a 3 hour work period every time you log on. This means you could do two three hour work periods in one day with a break in between. You must be prepared to put in hours to build up a fan base and also for customers to find you at first. You should also be prepared to offer free shows every now and then to attract new customers and to give existing customers a show without having to pay for it.

We're here to help you begin your journey into making money as a Webcam Girl, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.