About Us

Highest pay for Models

At Empowered Models our primary aim is to make sure our models earn as much as possible. This keeps them happy and we have the lowest commission for any agency. If you earn really good money then we are happy. All we ask is that you work a minimum number of hours per week. Models will be paid once a week on a Thursday or by special request. The rest is up to you.

Help and Support

Empowered Models is an agency not like other agencies. We provide full e mail and phone support should you need help with any issue.

Privacy and Personalisation

You will have the ability to earn as much money as you would like depending on how hard you work and also how you conduct yourself when online. You have the choice as to what you are prepared to do and nobody can either force or coerce you into doing something online that you are not happy with. If some customers misbehave or are rude then you will have the choice to ban them from your webcam room. You have the right to decide when you want to work or take a break. If you are worried about somebody you know seeing you online you can decide what areas or countries you will have viewers. Don’t forget that you a selling a fantasy and the more the customers buy into it will determine how much money you will make. Models accounts and home details are also kept private.

Tips, Guidance and Advice

We have guides for new girls on how to maximise their time online and earn more money. You are selling a fantasy and a lot of the guys want to believe that you are genuinely interested in them. Play along with them and indulge their sexual fantasies and peccadillos and they will stay in your webcam room and you will make more money. If you look bored, uninterested, don’t smile easily or are obviously chatting to someone else off screen then the guys will turn off. Again we can not emphasise this enough but the guys want to be indulged and think that you are really interested in them. The girls that master that trick are the ones who make serious money.

Your safety is our first priority.

Webcamming is safe, earns great money, you don’t even have to leave your house, your friends and family do not need to know what you are doing and you can provide a lifestyle for yourself that you might not get in other ways. You don’t have to go out to bars and dance in front of guys who are drinking and might be trying to touch you. You don’t have to put your self in danger by working as an escort. These people can be a danger to you physically or sexually. By webcamming with our agency there is no such danger. You will have a professional account and complete security within our agency.

Work safely while having fun

While you work with Empowered Models you can earn serious money but you can also have a lot of fun while doing it. You will find that you literally have “power” over all the guys coming to your webcam room and you can start to enjoy yourself especially if you have some of your friends come to the site as well. We offer a fantastic money incentive for every other girl you introduce to us who also becomes a web cam girl. When you earn money you can go on holidays and post photos of yourself for your customers and fans to view. ” You could even set up a bidding campaign to the highest bidder for all of your bikini’s and underwear that you wear while on your holiday.

We're here to help you begin your journey into making money as a Webcam Girl, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.